Let's face it, there are a lot of photographers out there, and there are a lot of photographers who take great shots! And of course, pricing is different for all of them. So how do you decide who to shoot with? Well I really don't know (but keep reading anyway!) but I'll tell what I do know makes me different, not because I think it but because it's what I get told by clients - all - the - time!

With me, the shoot starts well before we even meet. From the moment you contact me we start a conversation about exactly what you're looking for and what you need for your folio. I listen to your ideas and then I'll either work towards giving you that completely or if I think something else is going to be a stronger look for you, I'll give you my thoughts. Ultimately it's your call of course, but I believe in strong collaboration.

And that collaboration doesn't stop when you walk in the studio or wherever we're shooting - on the contrary, this is where we really work together on nailing each and every look. I don't rush the process, I make sure sure we've got great shots of each look before we move on, and you'll be examining them with me on the laptop as we go, so you know exactly what's happening and how it's all coming together - in short, you are very much a part of the process. Yes, I'll be directing the shoot and guiding you (depending on how experienced you are and how much guidance and direction you need) but I will still be working with you, not just in the same room as you.

One of the pieces of feedback I consistently receive, whether it be from actors, models, corporate or anyone else, is that shooting with me is fun and that I make them feel completely comfortable. And that's exactly how it should be; I don't care whether I'm shooting for a modelling portfolio, an actor's headshot or a CEO, the shoot should always be fun, and the energy high. And THAT - is the way I roll!

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