*All reviews are copied directly from my Facebook page, unedited.

Aleks Naumoski

"It was a pleasure to work with Damon, Awesome experience. Absolute professional and first class portraits!"

Cat Castree

"Damon is absolutely brilliant ! He knows exactly what he is doing and that shows in his work. He is kind, welcoming and has great directional skills. I would highly recommend using him as your photographer! Thanks Damon!"

Beth Groenewegan

"Damon is a fantastic headshot photographer. He has a very warm personality and makes the environment comfortable and fun, while maintaining professionalism and dedication to seeking out the best possible shots. He's one step ahead of the crowd and he thinks outside the box. I'm really happy with the work he's done for me, the final shots are well worth the time and effort, and carry with them good financial value. The level of hospitality he offers to his clients is well and truly worth more than 5 stars. Thanks so much Damon, really appreciate both your time, and your passion."

Hannah Hale

"Damon is dedicated to bringing out the best in you, he explains everything step by step and shows you your shots as you go to give a greater understanding of what may or may not be working. Damon gave lots of direction and taught invaluable lessons on being behind the camera. Not only is he highly professional, but also a great guy who makes you feel comfortable in the studio. Thanks for all your amazing work!"

Anthony Parisella

"Thank you! Grazie! Gracias! I can say with the utmost artistic confidence, that Damon Hunter takes the best head shots in the country! Thank you for the great experienced and I highly recommend this man for not just actors, but anyone who wants a great head shot photo! He also makes a mean coffee!!"

Genevieve Guild

"Working with Damon is an absolute pleasure. Along with his extreme professionalism, he's also incredibly precise and fun with his direction to get the best natural headshots. I cannot recommend Damon highly enough!"

Sharon Cunliffe

"Damon was great to work with! He is enthusiastic, full of energy, and really knows his stuff. He knows how to bring the best out of his subjects. I'm really happy with the variety and quality of the shoot! Excellent!"

Alex Moller

"Thanks so much for such an amazing photo-shoot. It was easy and enjoyable. You coached me through it and were superbly helpful and you made me feel at home and comfortable, so thank you so much for that. It didn't really feel like a photo-shoot, felt like I was hanging out with a mate the whole time :)"

Harlene Hercules

"Put it this TEST shots were good enough to be used for my headshots...that's is how great Damon is! Would highly recommend!!!!"

Emily Goode

"Damon is very professional. He made me feel very comfortable and was able to get the best shots out of me. The final images were great and I feel comfortable putting my best face forward."

Samuel Moore

"Damon was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable in his craft. Damon took the time to ask and understand my perspective and opinion of the shots and I took away more than just wonderful shots but an understanding of the process behind the lens too. Damon is an excellent human and was an absolute gent from the very start. Professional, generous and a fantastic process and outcome. Thanks mate!"

Roger Dray

"I've been doing acting work for 2 years, getting small roles & doing student films etc 2 weeks ago I put up these new headshots and in these 2 weeks I have secured bit parts in Househusbands & Utopia. They are working!!!, thanks a million mate"

Michael McCormack

"Damon has a passion for photographer that is infectious. Beyond being a professional, Damon made me feel immediately at ease with his hospitality and genuine stress-free demeanor. With a background of his own in acting, Damon possesses great insight into the industry and instilled great confidence in me on his ability to help me choose the right shots. I was thrilled with my headshots and I encourage any actor out there interested in headshots to contact Damon! It was a pleasure working with Damon, not only a professional but a genuinely nice guy. I look forward to working with him again."

Shamita Sivabalan 

"Damon is super professional, and knows a thing or two about headshots! I felt really relaxed, the whole process was very chilled. Damon has a great eye and knows what works. Thanks Damon!"

Albert Goikhman

"Damon is incredibly professional. It was extremely relaxed shoot and I'm very happy with my headshots now. Can't recommend him enough!"

Adam Rosagrata

"Cannot say a bad word of Damon. Not only is he extremely professional, but Damon is a fantastic individual who made me very comfortable during the shoot. Something I valued so much about working with Damon is that, unlike most photographers, he valued my opinion and input for every photo that was taken. Damon is an amazing person and a brilliant photographer. I highly recommend working with Damon for anybody interested in having their photos done! I myself hope to work with him again in the future."

Rachel Rai

"Damon is incredibly professional and very easy going! I'm very happy with how my headshots turned out. Can't recommend him enough!"

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