Do you do both standard vertical as well as horizontal cropping?

For models it will depend entirely on the style we're shooting but I crop to standard dimensions for comp cards and agency websites. For actors, yep, I give you both crop versions and then you can choose which you use, or you can use both; I give them to you ready to upload to AT2, Starnow, Showcast, CastingNetworks, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

How much retouching do you do?

If there's one thing I can't stand in actors headshots it's when the skin looks Vogue-front-cover smooth, there are no lines/wrinkles whatsoever and the whole thing just looks too perfect. That's great for Vogue but for headshots you need to look like yourself (although obviously not yourself on a bad day, which we all have!). So I keep my retouching for headshots to a minimum, focusing on whitening teeth, removing bags beneath eyes and general redness in the skin, stray hair removal, eye brightening, blemish removal and very minor wrinkle/line softening (but not removal). Remember, the finished image needs to look like you'll really look (or very close to!) when you walk in for that audition. 

For modelling portfolios I'll still keep to the above formula (I cannot stand the plastic-skin look) but I'll also shoot some images with much more stylised lighting and different background colours in order to achieve very different looks.

Where do we shoot?

If we're shooting in studio I use a super-cool studio in Elwood. If we're shooting outdoors I'm always looking for new and interesting locations, so I'll let you know where we're going to shoot beforehand (obviously) but it's always close to the CBD.

Will I get to see the shots as we shoot or do I have to wait until after?

Absolutely you get to see the shots as we shoot, that's pretty integral to the way I work. As we're shooting I'll be showing you the images so that you know what works and what doesn't, and we'll be culling them together as we go.

But I always look bad in photos, I am so un-photogenic!

You are so not un-photogenic! (I think that's a double negative but anyway). Believe it or not, very few people's faces look great photographed from any and all angles, it's simply a matter of taking the time to find which angles work best for different people, and that's what we do during the shoot. Well actually, it's what I do whilst I'm shooting you, you don't even need to think about it. Believe me, you're just as photogenic as anyone else, you just haven't found your angles yet, but we've all got 'em! :-)

Same goes for models, often one side of the body which just work better for the camera, and I'll figure out whilst we're shooting, you won't need to even think about it.

I'm new to modelling, I have no idea how to pose, I'm going to look awkward!

lol No you're not, you'll be fine! Posing is a learned skill and the more you do it the better you'll become but you can come to me with zero poses up your sleeve and I'll take care of all of that, directing you as much or as little as I need to. 

What days/times do you shoot?

I shoot Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday during normal business hours. 

How does the shoot actually work?

Ok, so I don't just stand behind the camera and ask you to move around a bit as I snap away; I'm continuously coaching you on how to work with the camera to create shots that stand out. Further to that, we go through all the images together during the shoot, culling the ones we don't want whilst at the same time showing you what works and what doesn't. 

Can we shoot some shots in the studio and some outdoors?

Negative. I use some pretty full-on lighting gear, whether I'm shooting in studio or outdoors, and so to pack it up, transport it, unpack it and set it up again would just take waaaay too much time, which I'd then have to charge for. Which you probably wouldn't be thrilled about. So no, it's either studio or outdoor.

Ok, so what's the go with makeup and hair? Can you provide someone?

Guys, don't wear any makeup. Girls, prior to the shoot I'll send you a document that goes into a lot of detail regarding how to do your makeup if you want to do it yourself but that said, I do have a preferred makeup artist who will meet us at the studio (or outdoor location) and get you squared away. Re hair (and makeup too) I'll send you heaps of info prior to the shoot that completely covers all of that.

What should I wear?

It depends on whether we're shooting headshots, modelling portfolio shots or men's physique but I'll go over all of this with you in detail well before the shoot date.

What happens after the shoot?

Following the shoot I'll upload the images to an online gallery which will only be visible to you and anyone you allow access. Once you've chosen the final shots I'll retouch and polish off those shots completely, after which I'll email them to you as both high res images and also smaller resolution, all set up and ready to go.

Can I bring my dog?

As much as I love dogs, no, you can't bring Maximus or Fluffy. That also applies to bringing your partner, sibling, mum, dad, son or daughter. Unless there's some exceptional reason, I don't have significant others present whilst we're shooting, for the same reason they're not present on the sets of movies, TV commercials, theatre rehearsals, modeling shoots, corporate shoots etc; it's distracting for the client/actor/model and for me also, even if only subconsciously, and I need you to be completely present to what we're doing if we're going to get the best possible shots! *

* I break this rule when it comes to teenagers/young adults; mum or dad can stay for those shoots, that's ok.

Yeah ok, but I really, really want to bring my significant other...?

There are heaps of cafes within two minutes' drive of my studio, or another really good one within 30 seconds' walk so significant others, mothers, fathers, husbands or wives can chill at any of the above for the shoot duration (same with outdoor shoots, we're usually pretty close to cafes). But ok, if you really really really want to bring someone along to the shoot, that's cool, I won't turn 'em away at the door :-)

Can you photograph me hanging upside down from my favourite tree?


I can't think of any other questions right now but I might have more later...

No problem. The document I send you after booking goes into more detail than I've included here (I've just tried to cover the basics) but you're welcome to email, SMS, Facebook message or call me anytime to ask me anything you like. Well, anything about photography  - don't be asking me about the fall of the Roman Empire because I don't know.

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