So I'm a headshot photographer, a men's physique photographer and modelling portfolio photographer - that's some kind of crazy combination! AND I'm also an actor, just to make things even more interesting! So how did I come to wear so many hats (and beanies, berets and helmets)? Ok, well...

Up until about seven years ago I was in the acting game and was lucky enough to get some good guest, support and lead roles in a number of TV shows, commercials, short and feature films, and theatre. However, without boring you with the details I had a 'crunch time' with my day-job at the time and made a decision to leave acting for a while.

Well, I didn't expect that "while" to end up being as long as it did but I found that leaving the industry left a massive gap in my life - you know that feeling when your soul isn't fulfilled? - and so I decided to get more heavily involved in another interest I'd always had; photography.

So I picked up a camera and started shooting - and shooting, and shooting some more. And then I started exhibiting. And then my work started getting written up overseas, including in one of the top photography magazines in New York. And then I won some awards.

Then I thought; well hold on a second, I've had that many headshots taken of ME, surely I could take some pretty good headshots for other people? And so off we went...

As I began shooting more and more headshots I was able to work less and less at my day job, which in turn allowed me the time to get back into acting. From there I just sort of fell into shooting men's physiques and modelling portfolios as clients started requesting them and word of mouth started generating more of that work. 

So that's how I came full circle; actor to photographer, to photographer and actor. Its been a heck of a ride and I wouldn't change any of it for a second! I hate text-speak but I'm going to use it here; YOLO people, YOLO!!!!!!!

Damon Hunter

January 2017

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